Memoization / a more agressive caching approach with Stl.Fusion

2 days ago
Reading this article the other day,
...I was wondering if with this approach could nopCommerce benefit if implemented at least for the most used and memoizable (publicly viewable, like product listing, etc) functions.

Btw, how does this 'memoization' compare to the current caching?   It is not clear to me what is the difference between caching and memoization, in any case this solution promises great improvement.  I would happily see nopCommerce use some dozen of Gbytes RAM more, if this would be what it takes, that RAM is there to be used.

For anyone interested, this baby is called Stl.Fusion, is quite young, is very actively developed, and lives here
2 days ago
I've not yet read those articles, etc.  but I do think that some form of caching for cart subtotals (tax, discounts, etc.) would certainly speed things up, since those functions are called repeatedly even in a single request.  (Some consideration may need to be made for time-dependent pricing, etc.; e.g. Tier pricing Start date / End date)