Custom product configurator

4 months ago

I wanted to ask, is it possible to create a custom product configurator fully inside a plugin, or will it require changing the nop core.

The idea is to have a control in the product page, which will open up a small frontend configurator, which will configure simple attributes (which are already doable using normal product option attributes) for the end user through a custom GUI.

As of now, the only possible way to do this is to add a new enum AttributeControlType entry, which is not possible to my knowledge from a plugin.

Any pointers would be appreciated, as I am new to this and would like to not make a mess :D
4 months ago
why you need new AttributeControlType ?what will be the type of that?
4 months ago
I am not saying it needs to be specifically a AttributeControlType, but I need a custom designer for a product of ours, which is not customizable with the current set of controls. It requires a visual designer at the time of selecting a product, the visual part easily being doable in a widget plugin, however I do not see any possibility of overriding it within the product screen. I made this thread to ask about the best approach vector, as I am not very experienced with nopcommerce.
4 months ago
Yes, source code customization is required here. According to my experience, no way of doing it through plugin.
4 months ago
killerwife wrote:
I am new to this and would like to not make a mess :D

Well you can extend and add an new Enum value to an existing Enum at runtime from a plugin
From my knowledge you can do virtually anything in a plugin
So I do see any reason why you can not create a new AttributeControlType entry and use it in your own version of _ProductAttributes.cshtml loaded from a Plugin

But like said above maybe you don’t need a new AttributeControlType and can resign the use of one of the existing AttributeControlType and use it in a different way for a particular Product Types

Of course building a plugin to do everything that maybe required will take some expertise but there is help available in all forms and building a plugin means it is pretty hard to make a mess cause you can always uninstall it and start again.

Go for it !