EasyPost Buy Label buttons missing

2 months ago

We have configured the Easypost Plugin in our website but "Buy Label" and "Update" Button is not getting displayed in ShipmentDetails page.
We spent hours to debug the issue but to no avail.
Kindly help .
Refer the code from Shipment Page
Refer the Screen shots .
2 months ago
What version of nopCommerce and the plugin?
2 months ago
Hi Maksim

We are using Nop4.40.4 and Plugin for 4.4 version 1.00
2 months ago
Well, it seems this plugin page (ShippingDetails) works incorrectly when HTML minification is enabled. We'll think about how to fix it.

As a temporary solution, you can disable minification (set EnableHtmlMinification setting to false).
Or if you have the source code, you can keep minification enabled and add this line (options.MinificationSettings.MinifyEmbeddedJsCode = false;) here, so that it looks like this:

.AddHtmlMinification(options =>
    options.CssMinifierFactory = new NUglifyCssMinifierFactory();
    options.JsMinifierFactory = new NUglifyJsMinifierFactory();
    options.MinificationSettings.MinifyEmbeddedJsCode = false;
2 months ago
Issue got resolved after disabling the  minification .
Thanks for your help Maksim , really appreciate it!