Blog post: Running nopCommerce on Linux VPS. Part 2

1 month ago
nopCommerce can be easily run on Linux VPSs

Woon Cherk Lam, a nopCommerce’s MVP and expert, has prepared the two part tutorial of how successfully instal and operate nopCommerce on Linux.

We have published the second part on our Blog. From the article you will understand how to:
✔ Install a free SSL certificate for your nopCommerce store.
✔ Run multiple instances of nopCommerce on the same server.
✔ Convert an existing nopCommerce application that is running on Microsoft SQL to MySQL.
✔ Deploy a custom-developed application. How to build DLLs in Visual Studio that will run on Linux.

Start running nopCommerce on Linux 👉
1 month ago
For the section Deploy a Custom-developed Application for linux
This does not work for Plugins that use override functions?
Is there something else to do to build the DLL for Plugins for Unix / Linux

Refer to this link