Materials Management System (Bill of Materials) Plugin

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Plugin Overview
The materials management plugin is used to manage the setup, creation and production of a Bill of Materials or a ‘recipe’ used for the production of saleable products.

Materials management is a complex process of determining what materials to keep in store, what quantities to  stock, when to order and when to make changes to your process in order to meet your operations and your team’s production goals – sometimes on a per project or product basis. Efficient materials management is about knowing what materials are in store and what needs to be procured at any given time, enabling you to understand inventory lifecycles, avoiding stock-outs and stockpiles.

Once you know what materials are required to create a product you can then do costs estimates for production runs as well as keep track of what is in production at any given time.

The materials management system uses the process of creating a Bill of Materials or BoM for an item or product to be manufactured. A BoM is a list of all the materials that are required to create a product along with the quantities. The BoM can also include the various types of labour or work processes which may also be required to build a product.

The following diagram proves an overview of the process of managing the production of products using a BoM system.

Links a Bill of Materials to a Product
Creation and Management of Materials and Labour inputs for Bill of Materials
Materials Types Classification, Measure Units and Suppliers
Production Order Management and Workflow
Custom Admin Management Pages, Reports and Export and Import Functions

Bill of Materials
The system allows you to create or edit a Bill of Materials Group. A group allows you to collect together and define the Material items and Labour items required to build a product. You can also calculate the cost to product a specific number of products or create a production order to produce a specific number of products.

Production Orders
A production order is created when the requested number of products are requested to be built using the Build BoM function.

Materials and Labour
Materials are the basic elements which are used to create a BoM group. This includes workers labour required to create the product.

Menu System
The following menu options are added and access is controlled via new ACL Roles

Plugin Documentation
The detailed description and installation document can be downloaded - Click Here

For more information Click Here
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