Installing Sendinblue problem

1 month ago
We uninstalled and deleted the Sendinblue plugin when tidying up our new 4.5 installation, but now my customer wants to use it. I've downloaded and installed the latest zip file from marketplace and it tells me 2 plugins are installed when I upload it to the site, but sendinblue doesn't show in the plugin list when I restart the website.

There's nothing in the logs... anyone have any ideas how to get this working please?

1 month ago
Strange that is says uploading 2 plugins  ?
I just tried and it worked for me
File was

Check if there is a directory there already \Plugins\Misc.Sendinblue
If so delete it and try again

Otherwise restart webserver and try upload again
3 weeks ago
Thanks for your help! I deleted the Misc.SendinBlue folder and reinstalled, it said 1 plugin installed but then again, it's not in the list even after restart... I'm stumped!