Coding Best Practises Advice

1 month ago
Hi All,

After developing our in-house nopCommerce website for the last year and a half we're moving on to nopCommerce 4.5 in the coming months and I want to make sure I right any wrongs going forward.

I've been researching best practices to prepare myself but wondered if there are any developers that could advise anything that I have not considered. Current things I am looking into adopting are version control and secure coding. I know there's a lot to be desired in terms of testing and I didn't know if there are any testing frameworks anyone can advise.

Really hoping there's the opportunity to make some connections and potentially someone with more experience who'd be happy to mentor and point me in the right direction so I have left my LinkedIn(kurt-duffin).

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

4 weeks ago
Hello Kurt,

If you want to extend NOP. You can just follow this official documentation