Error 522 my host no provide too much perfomance

3 weeks ago
I have account in freeasphosting .net with nopcommerce cms.

and my host only works with http. not https. when i change to https to ssl, doesnt work, even without ssl… the problem is https. i think my host only send information on http and doesnt change. i tried to change to https or leave it empty only but he add http alone.

when i leave Cloudflare without changing http to https and my cms without ssl and in ‘‘http’’, works but no ssl certicate…
i can put certificate in my website without https?

i dont know what i must do. how i must put my urls store in NOP?
so, my host only works in .

Developer Assistant doenst work, they dont answer.
3 weeks ago
As per their home page, they "strive in helping you learn how to implement ASP.NET technologies by providing ASP.NET hosting free of charge".
I don't know that they offer SSL.  A Google search of their site has no matches for "SSL".
If you want a production eCommerce store, then I would not recommend using them.
2 weeks ago
I don't think a free host will be able to host a nopCommerce site. It requires too much memory. Otherwise you will get random errors on your site, During installation, or while trying to use the site if you're lucky enough to get it installed.

nopCommerce provides a list of recommended  hosting services providers.