Assigning product color by vendor

1 week ago
Hello, I am working on the development of a marketplace for legos. As an admin, I have introduced 80 different colors in the product color attribute.  Now, whenever any vendor creates a product in my marketplace, it shows available in all that 80 colors by default. Let's say, the vendor has the product in only 3 colors, he has to delete all other 77 colors one by one. Is there any solution where a vendor can delete all unavailable colors at once, or is there a way that whenever vendor creates product, it should not have any color by default and the vendor has to add colors he has available (like the reverse of what is happening right now).
1 week ago
out of the box not possible. if you introduce a new dropdown at product attribute Predefined values of limited to Vendors and filter by this when creating new product attribute color at product create/edit page that may be the parfact solution.
4 days ago
I got your point, i think that is most suitable, thank you