Abandoned Cart Rate Stat's or Report?

1 month ago
Is looking at Sales>Shopping Carts & Wishlists the best/only way to get data for abandonned cart rates? Using version 4.40.4.
1 month ago
I think, you can not get exact report out of the box. You can check those discussion
1. https://www.nopcommerce.com/en/boards/topic/46247/abandoned-cart-reports
2. https://www.nopcommerce.com/en/boards/topic/90926/tracking-sales-and-abandoned-carts-with-google-analytics-and-mailchimp
3. https://www.nopcommerce.com/en/blog/the-cartstack-approach-to-effective-abandoned-cart-customer-recovery
3 weeks ago
Thanks for the links. I will take a look.