Need Help to make custom form and also need to add extra field in contact us form

1 week ago
Hello Team,

I want to make a form in nopcommerce with some custom field and add some new field in the contact us form.
So how can I able to do that?
1 week ago
The contact us form is here
See Source\Presentation\Nop.Web\Views\Common\ContactUs.cshtml

You can add new fields to the Model and change the .cshtml file to display and receive values
Then change the controller to receive the values and send in the email
See Source\Presentation\Nop.Web\Controllers\CommonController.cs
1 week ago
Thank you Yidna,

And if want to add a new form like INQUIRY, how can I able to do that?
1 week ago
The hard way is to copy and paste similar code / forms like the Contact Us form
Duplicate and rename the views, controller and models and add a new route

The simple way is to use  Form Builder Plugin - For example see
1 week ago
Thank you Yidna.
1 week ago
If i make new form, but where to display that form? how can I able to do setting in nopcommerce?