Dear. I want to talk about our latest project. We did a project similar to Algolia. but we did not use algolia. By using the Typsense technology, we have improved the Nopcommerce searches and site loadings by indexing the data every 5 minutes. Our tests received a response time of 20-30 ms among 50 thousand products. Although the time from Cloudflare increased to 80-90 ms, we generally got excellent times. I am sharing the website where the codes are installed below. In the first version, we only ran the search structure. In the second version, we used advanced search by categories.

If you ask, what is our advantage? We are not charged for each call. If you want, you have 100,000 products. You can manage your search structure and site without any problems or extra charges. (v1) (v2)

In v3, we will transfer the product listing and the products on the main page to the same structure.

companies had requested. We are currently setting up four websites.
If there are companies that want, I can send the details and our offer privately.