Google index follow backend

1 year ago
I noticed that my site have command for Google and other bots INDEX, FOLLOW.
My robots.txt file have line:
Disallow: /admin

As I can see most of backend URLs are:

So, my question is, should I add following command into robots.txt file?
Disallow: /admin/*

I am just worry not to block Google bot where I shouldn't.
Thanks a lot for looking into.
10 months ago
It actually doesn't matter, both Disallow: /admin and Disallow: /admin/* will give you almost the same result. But the first one will disallow the page and the second one won't, that's the only difference. So if you need Google bot to see the given page, choose Disallow: /admin/*, and if you don't need Google bot to see this page, choose Disallow: /admin