order for different vendor

1 week ago
is there any settings or feature to separate the order for vendors based on products in cart?
1 week ago
Do you mean to say
In the shopping cart, do you need only the same vendor products only display?

or you needed grouping vendor-wise products?

if like this then there is no setting are there  
you need to customize the things
1 week ago
if user choosing first item as one vendor product and second item is another vendor product.
so i wants to make it as two orders instead of one... this is the requirement
1 week ago
as per my knowledge this functionality does not exist,

you can customize the confirm order and add the logic regarding that 2 separate orders

we have created some how like this type of functionality
only the same vendor product allow to checkout, if you select a different vendor then the vendor 1 product will remove, and add the latest vendor product .
1 week ago
got it.. we have to customize place order method
1 week ago
Although not your 'requirement' (two orders), note  that you can use Warehouses, if you  just need to having separate shipping calculated.