Why Store Owners should upgrade their website to nopCommerce version 4.60

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Greetings everyone,

With the release of nopCommerce version 4.60, nopCommerce has brought some long-awaited new features, as well as some key performance improvements and bug fixes. Built on .NET 7, this version of nopCommerce brings features such as integration with Cybersource and PayPal Zettle.
As the latest version of nopCommerce has been out for quite a while, we at nopStation believe that it's about time to familiarize ourselves with some of the big changes in nopCommerce version 4.60. Besides the highlighted features, nopCommerce version 4.60 brings a whole host of improvements.
So, we have prepared a comprehensive breakdown of the new features present in nopCommerce version 4.60 in our latest blog post.

Here is a preview of the blog

#7 - Added support for Video in Products

One of the great new features present in nopCommerce 4.60 is Video support for products.  Now, store owners can add video links alongside product images to create a more detailed and immersive product details page:

#3997 - Added Instagram to default social media links

Another long-awaited feature is the addition of Instagram to the default social media links. Now, store owners can add Instagram alongside their other social media channels for better reach:

And find much more in our full blog here: https://www.nop-station.com/nop-v460-improvements-in-detail

And read a more comprehensive breakdown in our blog post where we go in-depth in our coverage of the improvements present in nopCommerce version 4.60.

If your business is running an older version of nopCommerce or if you’re thinking of starting your online business, then we believe nopCommerce 4.60 should be an ideal choice.

However, getting started with a new version of nopCommerce can be overwhelming, and migrating a website to a new version of nopCommerce can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, nopStation is your one-stop eCommerce solution provider partner. Team nopStation has years of expertise in helping websites upgrade or migrate to newer versions of nopCommerce.
With our years of eCommerce experience and collection of incredible Mobile Apps, themes and plugins, we can help your online store easily move to nopCommerce 4.60.

Our team will make sure to preserve all of your business features and functionality while making crucial UX and performance enhancements during the upgrade process.

You can read more about our services here: https://www.nop-station.com/our-services

You can also read about our custom eCommerce solutions here: https://www.nop-station.com/nopcommerce-custom-solution

Take your business to the next level, with the help of nopCommerce version 4.60 and team nopStation.
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Thank you for your contribution.   I think it needs some editing...

RE: #1933 - Display all pictures on catalog pages
For what it's worth, what this setting does was not very clear me. (It's also not clear in the 'hint' or the official nopCommerce documentation ;)
Yes, you 'highlight' the slider, but I did not notice that until I understood the function as per it only being explained in the GitHub issue:
   When enabled, customers will see a slider at the bottom of each picture block. It'll be visible only when a product has more than one picture.

RE: #29 - Catalog pages. Display "From" prices for products with attributes with price adjustments
You have the wrong screen capture.  (yours shows the highlight of the "Display all pictures on catalog pages" setting.)

RE: #5979 - Scroll page up on product load First, a user needs to enable ...
That sentence can use some editing.  (Missing a new line before "First..."?)

RE: "Please, see the mentioned video to see ‘How does it work in the public store” : Scroll page up on product load"
You have a link to the wrong YouTube video.

RE: #6248 - Add ada attributes to anchor tag
"ADA" should be capitalized.  (The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  I know; you just copied it from the GitHub comment ;)

RE: #6296 - Fixed sorting and filtering by date in the sales summary report
It's not clear to me why you are showing a screen capture of the admin Orders page with Warehouse 'highlighted'.

RE: #6332 - Added UI filter by vendor for the Sales summary report
You are showing a screen capture of the admin Orders page, rather than the Report - Sales Summary page.