Installing two versions on Linux (Debian) locally?

1 week ago
I want to install the newest version of nopCommerce, which is 4.06.2 while also still be enabled to use the currently installed version of nopCommerce, which is 4.06.0

I have been learning my way on 4.06.0 and have changed some of the values in the LocaleStringResource table; not any in the ResourceName column but several in the ResourceValue column. The changes were for the way the English language was written. I wanted some of the values to read differently than the default values. For instance, the word "Bestsellers", to me, should be two words such as "Best Sellers". I changed the way the wording was to better fit how I am familiar with English to be here in the midwestern United States.

What I don't know is if me changing any of those values affected the way the code is supposed to work. I haven't, as of yet, found any issues, but I did experience a problem when setting up a product with attributes where the product had more than one "Image square" control type product attribute applied.

It is because of that issue that I want to run the newest version and then repeat the process of configuring that product to see if there is a difference.

Is it possible, and, if so, how can I install nopCommerce locally twice using two different versions on a Linux (Debian) OS?
1 week ago
Yes, you can run two versions, although you probably should not run them at the same time, unless you set  up for a web farm.
If running local, you can just run the Nop.Web.exe in the respective folder.

As for your other issue, you can see the Release Notes to see what changes were made:
If you still have issues, please open a new specific topic(s).
1 week ago
Two installations! Awesome! Thank you. :)

I think I am on the trail of figuring out my other issue.