How to Buy New skin /themes

11 years ago
Hi all,
i am using nopcommerce shop and i am fedup with the same ski file.i just need to buy  a new skin file.
from where i can buy skins/themes.

How can i design a new theme/skin?

11 years ago
Currently are no off-the-shelf skins available for purchase. There are 2 themes available with nopCommerce, nopClassic and DarkOrange.

Creating your own custom theme is very easy to do if you have good css skills. Just copy an existing theme folder in App_Themes and give it a name of your choice e.g. "MyTheme". Then in Administration > Configuration > SEO/Display tab, set your "MyTheme" as the store theme.

You can then make any changes you like to the css files within your custom theme folder.

If you would like a theme developed for you then this is a service we (RetroViz) can offer, or you can post to the job boards (Product > Job Boards) on this site. However, I would recommend you have a go yourself.

Hope this helps,
11 years ago
our online shop is lanka first online geek shop for T-shirts ,mugs and books.If anyone can design a professional skin for our site, we are willing to pay the cost.let us know if anyone can make a cool skin for us .
you can email me [email protected]

T-shirts for Sri Lankan Geeks
11 years ago
contact me: [email protected]
11 years ago
new site:
10 years ago
We have opened a new online store where you can Buy nopCommerce Themes / Template
We also offer custom themes, email us for a quote.

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10 years ago
Now you can enhance your nopcommerce websites with additional themes...

Nopcommerce themes sold at

Picmagic Website
10 years ago
10 years ago
Your better to go somewhere like and pay for a top quality design that is NOT nopCommerce specific then ask a nopCommerce developer to implement the design.  

However this is going to cost a lot more than premade design -  If you are serious about your store and want a top quality finish then I suggest going down this path.

8 years ago
Hi guys,

If you want to buy nopCommerce themes and extensions the best place to go is our new web site
- , which is designed specifically for nopCommerce themes, extensions and plugins.
There you can buy themes ready for the latest version of nopCommerce 2.2 as well as for any previous 2.x versions.
You can also give a try to our nopCommerce plugins as most of them are FREE.