Website Root Home page not part of the nopC Application

3 weeks ago

I worked on a nopC website several years ago. It was an upgrade from 1.6 to 4.2, with a new design and features. The client did not need SEO, and wanted to leave the Home page as is, with the nopC installation in a sub-folder. So basically, the root of the site was a Home page that sat outside of the main application. It had the logo, a link to contact info, and a link to the main application.

Now the client is interested in SEO, but does not want to install nopC in the root of the site, but keep it in the same sub-folder, because that it where his existing customers have bookmarked important products and categories.

The question I have is, is it possible to somehow make the root Home page part of the application so that I can pull in certain products or groups of products without having to use iframes?

5 days ago

If the main nopCommerce application is installed in a folder, such as for example, is it possible to somehow make a page in the root of the site also part of the application?

So for example, with the application itself in the above folder, and a page in the following location:, would it be possible to somehow pull products and features from the application into specific areas of this page?

Thank you in advance for any feedback!
5 days ago
You can create a html file
You would need to have some way to generate the html
You cannot use the normal elements used in the reset of the system
Also you need the full address - it wont work with
5 days ago
Hi Yidna,

Thank you so much for replying!

I can create and design the HTML index page without issue. The concern I have is how to pull in aspects of the application into this page.

For example, let's say that I wanted to showcase the "Best Seller" products on this page that lives outside of the application. The main application Home page easily accomplishes this with the following lines:
@await Component.InvokeAsync("Widget", new { widgetZone = PublicWidgetZones.HomepageBeforeBestSellers })
@await Component.InvokeAsync("HomepageBestSellers")

Is there a way to make this page that lives outside the application folder also capable of working this way?

5 days ago
Thats what i mean - you cant do that
That code runs in a .cshtml page  within the application

These .htm and .html pages are just raw html pages
You would need to generate the raw html somehow
I mean you can still use the addresses of the products in hyperlinks and images, etc

But you would need to make a html code generator that runs in the background pulls the info from the database and creates the html file yourself
Much like the sitemap generator in 4.7 which creates the sitemap in the back ground
5 days ago
OK, thank you!