Microsoft.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: 'Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is n

4 days ago

I keep getting  this exception when I try to run nopCommerce through Visual Studio. This bug occurs when I first start nopCommerce through Visual Studio but then I click, 'Stop' , and run it again then my website works fine. That bug was manageable but now I am trying to use the multi-site feature of nopCommerce and I am running into this bug every time I try to start nopCommerce. Here is all the changes I made:

1. First, since I am trying to create multiple stores on a localhost I followed this tutorial here, I added those two lines to my hosts file by running Notepad as administrator to allow for the changes to occurs.
2. Next, I also looked through the nopCommerce forums and figured out how to add a new host from this post here.
3. After doing these two steps I tried to run nopCommerce through Visual Studio and I kept getting this exception.

Some things I tried:
1. I tried going to Tools > Options > SQL Server Tools > Transact-SQL Editor > Query Execution > General to change the 'Execution time-out' to 0 but it already was set to 0.
2. I also tried looking up the exception on the nopCommerce forum and didn't find any solution.

I am on nopCOmmerce version 4.70.3
4 days ago
Running multistore just means the queries are more complex and take more time to run
How much memory does you system have ?
Running SQL Server and Visual Studio and Website will consume a bit of memory and may cause the system to be slow and timeout.
Ensure you only have the plugins you need to test installed
4 days ago
Timeouts can occur for multiple reasons.  Your error message is cut off.  Post the entire message including entire stack trace.  

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