Vendor login with Multistore - nopcommerce

4 days ago
HI all. Im setting up my admin account to manage our marketplace.
We have over 300 vendors online selling products.

On the admin panel it is laid out really nice. Can admin set the same layout for vendors?
I think the vendor dashboard is not idea to be honest. Any suggestions on making it appear more like the admin dashboard?

3 days ago
It's going to require customization.  What specific information cards (panels) are you looking for the vendor to have?
Note that the existing "reports" (e.g.  Order totals) would be a problem because an order can contain items from multiple vendors.  Similarly, Customer reports show all customers, not just the ones having placed an order containing specific vendor's product.  (Also, it's possible not all store owners share the customer info with vendor unless the vendor drop ships.)