Bulk Product Editor (ellasoftware.com)

Bulk Product Editor (ellasoftware.com)
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Have thousands of products and don't want to spend hours editing them one-by-one? This plugin will help you to edit any amount of products in 1 click. Edit by 93 fields!
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Supported versions: 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30
Created: February 21,2018
Last updated: June 08,2020

Bulk Product Editor plugin is an indispensable tool on a huge volume of products. It will help to manage thousands of products in a few seconds.

You just need to follow 3 steps to edit products:

  1. Setup a filter for products you want to edit (filter by 9 fields including mappings)
  2. Configure product fields to edit (choose within 93 fields including mappings)
  3. Press "Bulk Product Edit" button

There is a free demo version available with one restriction - up to 100 products can be edited.
P.S.: For security reasons backup your database before bulk product editing (!)

For documentation, details and field list please refer to this link. You may also find a plugin for your older nopCommerce version there!


  • edit any amount of products in 1 click
  • filter by 9 product fields
  • edit 93 product fields including such mappings as categories, manufacturers, discounts, customer roles etc
  • free support during first 3 months
  • multi-store support (starting from nopCommerce 4.20)


Here we'll review some cases when the Bulk Product Editor plugin can be extremely helpful.
The store has 20 000 products:

  1. There are 4500 unpublished products that are ready to be published
  2. Add product tags to 400 products that exist in a selected category
  3. Specify recurring products with cycle length, cycle period, total cycles for a selected manufacturer that contains 4000 products
  4. Setup delivery date range for all 20 000 products
  5. Decided to allow backorders in your store (specify backorder mode and allow back in stock subscriptions for all 20 000 products)
  6. Disallow returns for all products that contains "sports nutrition" in product name
  7. Add admin comment to all 2000 products of a selected vendor
  8. Setup "Call for Price" for all 3000 products of a selected category
  9. Switch between warehouses if the store has multiple (apply for all 20 000 products)
tarekmahran 11/9/2019 6:56 AM
Good Plugin

Is there a trial version for nop4.2?

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A manager responded to this review
Sorry for the late response.
Sure, please find it by clicking "Get Extension" above.
carstater 12/14/2018 12:16 PM
Big and robust set of tools
Super plug in that has saved me a lot of time in productivity… I recommend you to buy it you will not regret
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adamsmith_88 11/28/2018 12:47 PM
Fantastic plugin!
We have ~19 000 products in our store. And we always had a struggle spending hours and days while editing products with a common features. For example, adding tags, switching product group to another category.

But now it takes just few minutes of automated process by this awesome plugin!
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