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Nop Commerce has provided a mature framework to begin solving your business problems. We close the gaps with beautiful designs, functional custom web sites, and order fulfillment workflows.

BuzzTech is a strategic digital solutions consultancy that prepares the online automotive market to excel in the digital world. We provide full digital experiences to transform businesses in today's environment and prepare them to anticipate opportunities in the future. Using Microsoft technologies and hosting on Amazon Web Services, we can make your business more productive and effective through customized software solutions. Our team of seasoned professionals provides creative, out-of-the-box tools and integrations for each assignment. No cookie-cutter solutions from this group! Our goal is to change the way your business works by creating a cycle of constant improvement powered by ongoing feedback in real-time.

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With over 20 years of experience, BuzzTech consultants are here to help navigate the myriad of technology challenges. Answers are immediate and do not go into a "queue" to be lost. We recognize your concerns and collaborate with you to build a solid solution.

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BuzzTech specializes in scaling online retail sites. From order inventory to payment processing and proprietary data sources, we are experts at wiring up what you need. We follow SDLC framework to ensure we produce the highest quality work while shortening the production time, at a cost that is right for you! Our custom application development and responsive designs can help you grow your online business and reach your digital objectives.


B2B applications are essential to increase efficiency and optimize results! BuzzTech specializes in the creation of programs that aid and streamline communication between businesses. Our applications assist with basic issues such as inventory systems, payments, and orders.


At Buzztech, our team of experts serves to assist your business with the troubles involved in shipping and delivery. We provide state-of-the-art order fulfillment solutions that encompass everything from securing the box, packing, labeling, and shipping. Our custom systems are reliable and will allow you to respond to your inventory status in real-time. Let us handle the backend logistics, so you can focus on your customers!


Buzztech has worked with many automotive aftermarket companies, as you can see here on our work page. From developing out sophisticated wizard-like processes for presentation to handling and managing large amounts of data, we are equipped to help your company and reach grow.


The power of data is absolute. It allows companies to make better decisions, understand performance, improve processes, and much more! It is vital for any business's daily operations. BuzzTech understands how different data sources and locations with unique formatting standards pose serious issues for data analysis. Our extensive, full-service data integration experience produces a single unified view to provide the insights you need. We have built out learning and data collection into intelligent designs that can decode online behavior. Specializing in the automotive realm, we have implemented a myriad of custom data into desktop, mobile, and back-office applications.


BuzzTech is dedicated to maintaining your digital solutions upon completion of each project. Whether you partner with BuzzTech to add functionality, update data sources (such as importing supporting data for new vehicles that come on the market), or to provide technical support, we are glad to help! As our valued partner, we will also work with you on a product or project we did not create. We bill hourly on maintenance work, with no contracts required.


Buzztech works with various providers to ensure your application is accessible to all users. Depending on the solution, we may recommend a partnership with Accessibe, an AI based plugin for any website. We also work with manual testing companies to ensure your source code is vetted to the highest degree. Accessibility is quite important for the website owner and operators as well to ensure you will not become subject to frivolous lawsuits.


A cornerstone of BuzzTech’s success is the reliable IT services and resources we have delivered. Most of our solutions are hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS), where we can build a hosting solution to meet your needs. Including 24/7 website monitoring, different Service Level Agreements, and a PCI compliance certification. A contract is not required, however, a commitment to AWS services could allow for lower ongoing costs.


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