Calculating Price from Attributes (

Calculating Price from Attributes (
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Calculating products price using a defined formula.
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Supported versions: 4.20
Created: June 09,2019
Last updated: February 03,2020

Calculating Price from Attributes Plugin

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HyperNop Calculating Price from Attributes By default when defining a new product in nopCommerce, the store owner can define and relate attributes to these products. Customers will choose the preferred options for the product using these attributes. Normally the store owner can set a predefined value as “attribute’s price” so when the customer chose one of the values of an attribute, the predefined value would be added to the product’s total price.

With this system, the store owner can only define simple “add-only” rules for the product’s attributes. But in some situations, store owners would need more flexibility. For example, an insurance company which wants to sell its insurance plans using multiple attributes with multiple different values. Only adding the values of different attribute’s option would not be enough.

Using attributes values to calculate the order’s total price, This plugin would allow the store owners to define complex formulas using basic mathematical operators, comparison operators and “IF” statements. Store owner can use static values, attribute’s price value, attribute's weight value, and product’s quantity to define this formula (only 10 static values can be defined).

Store owner can define price/weight adjustments by the factor for attributes with Drop-down, Radio, Check-boxes and Textbox control, this would allow for even more flexibility to calculate the product’s price.

Using product dimensions to calculate the order’s total price, the other important ability of these plugins is that it allows the store owner to use product dimension to calculate the order’s total price dynamically. The formula would allow the store owner to use multiplying product’s attributes values (like Width and Length price values) to calculate the product’s price.Example
After installing the plugin, a new tab with the title of “Formula” would be added to the “edit product details” page. From this tab, the store owner can use the basic mathematical operators, comparison operators, “IF” statements and attribute’s price and weight values to define custom formulas. If the formula field wouldn’t be empty, the product’s total price value would be determined by the formula.

For example, a company which specializes in selling paper uses 3 different attributes to determine the total price of the order. These attributes are quality, color, and durability of the paper. Each one of these attributes has many different values and each of these values has its own predefined prices. The price of quality’s values would be represented by “a1”, the price of color’s values would be represented by “a2”, and price and weight of durability’s values would be represented by “a3” and “v3”. Also, there is a static value of misshaped which is the same amount for all products and this value is represented by “s1”. The company uses the formula blew to calculate the total price of the order: IF((a1 > a2), (a1 + s1), (a2 * v3)) The output of this formula will determine the total price of the order. The customers choose the desired attribute values and the order’s price would be calculated by the defined formula.

The store owner can make “IF” statements using the following structure: IF((Condition), (True Part), (False Part)). With these “IF” statements the store owner has the ability to create complex formulas using the attribute’s price values, attribute’s weight values, product’s quantity, and static values. For example: (IF((a11>a12), a11, a12) + IF((a4>a7), a4, a7))

Note: the product’s attribute would only work in a formula only if the control type is either drop-down list, radio-button list, checkboxes, read-only checkboxes or textbox. If the control type for the product’s attribute is any other than the mentioned ones, the values would not be used in the defined formula.

Plugin resources can be modified by the store owner (localization).

Older versions of the plugin would be available upon customer request. If there would be any questions or issues, you can contact us.

Developed by HyperNop


1. Ability to calculate the product’s price using an unlimited number of attributes.

2.Ability to define formula using basic mathematical operators.

3.Ability to use “IF” statements in the formula.

4.Ability to set a predefined price in the event of any product’s attribute not being selected.

5.The final price of the product would be affected by discounts if they exist.


  • Supported versions 4.00, 4.10 and 4.20
  • Multi-Domain Support
  • Made With Responsive Design in Mind
  • Works With All of the Well Known Themes
  • Upload, Install, Ready to Go!

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botman86 12/23/2019 6:04 AM
Initially I was quite angry because I've a lot of issue, hypernop team has fixed and now there are no problem.
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Triple_A 12/23/2019 5:06 AM
A helpful plugin
I was able to solve some of my price making problems with this plugin. really helpful.
Thank you for this wonderful product.
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mjvakili 12/23/2019 12:30 AM
Very goods.
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