Category Banner

Category Banner
Category banner description plugin will help your store user to view the banner of the category. Displays the banner in the category page.
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Supported versions: 4.00
Created: October 10,2018
Last updated: January 28,2020

1. It's an Open Source plugin.
2. It's a free plugin.
3. Mostly suitable for 'E-Shopper Bootstrap theme (Free)'.
4. It supports other bootstrap themes.
5. Displays the category in the banner.
6. It supports views and styles are open for modification.
7. It will support all the browsers.
8. It will be helpful for your customer.
9. This plugin makes your eCommerce organize.
10. After clicking on the banner category it will take your client to the category page for details.
11. It will make the category page more attractive.
12. Plugin which displays category in banner.
13. Easy to set up.

So far we can say this is a nopCommerce plugin which displays the banner in the category page. It will make the category page more attractive.


  1. Download Extension and extract file.
  2. Copy 'Misc.CategoryBanner' folder WithoutSource and paste to '~/Plugins/' folder.
  3. Reload the 'list of plugins' in Admin panel and Install 'CategoryBanner' Plugin
  4. Save and Enjoy

Create Custom Design and Views:

  1. Go to Presentation -> Now.Web -> Plugins -> Misc.CategoryBanner-> Content ->Styles.css
  2. Open and edit in any CSS editor to change the styles or designs.