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Get your Google Ads campaigns created by a Premier Google Partner. With just a few clicks you will have your products promoted all over Google’s network. Get more traffic and potential customers now!
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Supported versions: 4.40
Created: November 11,2021
Last updated: July 12,2022

Get a $75 voucher for your Google Ads campaigns

As a Premier Google Partner, we are able to offer you a voucher of $75 to spend on your first campaigns and start driving traffic to your store. (Conditions and restrictions apply)

Have your Google Adwords campaigns created now

It does not matter if you have or have no experience with Google Ads / Google Adwords, Clever Ads will create your Search, Display, Smart Shopping, Shopping and Remarketing campaigns. After a really easy installation process where you will be asked some questions about your business, the ads will be published and your products will be promoted all over Google’s network.

Connect Google Acount

Not only we will create your campaigns but also we will take care of the optimization of the campaigns. Our software will start making some bidding adjustments to ensure you get the best results. And if you want advanced support and manual optimizations with our Google Ads experts you can always upgrade to our paid plan to get even more. Our main goal is to make you spend less and earn more!


Get the Conversion Tracking pixel installed

Have issues tried to install the conversion tracking pixel? We automatically install the conversion tracking pixel so you can correctly track the performance of your campaigns.

Search, Display & Remarketing campaigns to promote your products

Once you have finished the installation steps, here’s what you will get:

  • Google Search campaigns: Show your products to the customers right in the moment they are looking for them on Google!
  • Google Display campaigns: Attract customers that are visiting other websites to your store with the banners with your products’ images that we will create for you.
  • Retargeting campaigns: Bring back users that have visited your website already and convince them to finish the purchase!
  • Keywords generation: We generate the keywords for your Google Ads campaigns based on your products and categories.

Let's get started!

Google Shopping, Google Smart Shopping and Shopping feed management

With our paid plan, we will fully take care of the feed management, Google Shopping and Smart Shopping campaigns creation. You won’t have to worry about anything else! Check some of the features that you will get:

  • Google Shopping campaigns: We will take care of the whole process, from the feed creation with your products until the campaign’s creation.
  • Product and categories updates: Have you added some new products to your store that you want to promote? Just let us know and we will add those products to the campaigns!

Paid Plans



  • Keywords generation
  • Google Ads Search campaigns
  • Google Retargeting campaign
  • Display campaigns & Banner Set
  • Google Ads pixel integration



  • Manage up to 500 products
  • Unlimited variants
  • Google Merchant Feed creation
  • Manual Feed update (Anytime)
  • Google Shopping campaigns creation



  • Manage up to 1000 products
  • Unlimited variants
  • Google Merchant Feed creation
  • Manual Feed update (Anytime)
  • Google Shopping campaigns creation



  • Manage +1001 products
  • Unlimited variants
  • Google Merchant Feed creation
  • Manual Feed update (Anytime)
  • Google Shopping campaigns creation

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the plugin archive.
  2. Go to admin area > configuration > local plugins.
  3. Upload the plugin archive using the "Upload plugin or theme" plugin.
  4. Scroll down through the list of plugins to find the newly installed plugin. And click on the "Install" button to install the plugin.
  5. Connect your Google account.
  6. Fill in and confirm the general information about your store.
  7. Select the geotargeting and the products categories you want to advertise.
  8. Edit and configure the ads that your future clients will see.
  9. Select and confirm the budget you want to invest in ads
  10. Register with the Clever Ads by this link

Please find more information about how to install plugins here.

Source code:

The plugin is provided absolutely for free and includes source code. Find the project Github repository here.

David S. 3/28/2022 10:21 AM
Awesome plugin
a good plugin to get your Google Ads campaigns created by professionals!
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