Credits for publishing plugins on the nopCommerce marketplace

Credits for publishing plugins on the nopCommerce marketplace

This product is for theme and plugin vendors only. You don't have any paid plugins uploaded to our marketplace.

Please find more about submitting plugins to our marketplace here.


Volume discounts

We offer volume discounts:

  • 20% discount if you purchase credits enough for the next 6 months
  • 40% discount if you purchase credits enough for the next 12 months

How credits work

Submitting to our marketplace is the best way for vendors to offer plugins and themes to the nopCommerce merchants. Here are some of the benefits of hosting your plugin in our marketplace:

  • Earn money by selling your plugins to nopCommerce community
  • Give your plugin greater exposure to the community
  • Track basic statistics regarding how many people are downloading
  • Get your plugin rated against the many other hosted plugins
  • Provide a centralized location for users to leave comments and feedback

After completing development of your plugin you can submit it to nopCommerce marketplace at “My extensions” page.

We charge a small fee for plugin listing on the nopCommerce marketplace so that the nopCommerce team can curate content and maintain the necessary review and approval process to ensure a high-quality experience for merchants, and a healthy ecosystem for plugin vendors.

  1. We don’t charge for publishing plugins available for free (no need to purchase credits). This fee is charged for paid listings only.
  2. The fee is deducted from the e-wallet linked to your account. It has a specific currency called credit. You can buy 1 credit for $0.05
  3. Credits are deducted daily for each paid plugin published on the marketplace at the following rates:
    The first 10 plugins
    10 credits for each plugin
    From 11th to 30th plugin
    8 credits for each plugin starting from the 11th
    Starting from the 31st plugin
    6 credits for each plugin starting from the 31st
  4. We charge 5 credits (instead of 10) for low-cost plugins (price less than $20). So actually it's 50% discount.
  5. We provide a free trial for the first 30 days for all new plugins. Thus, you can assess the demand, experiment with the price, try out different content on the plugin page and your website, and more, with no extra expenses.
  6. Before your free trial ends, you should charge your wallet with credits. If there are no enough credits in your wallet, all or some plugins will be automatically unpublished until you have enough credits.
(!) Important! We trust our vendors and rely on their good faith. However, if a vendor publishes a plugin as a free one, and visiting the vendor’s website shows that the plugin is commercial (paid), such a vendor will be added to the blacklist and won’t be able to publish any plugins on the nopCommerce marketplace.

Calculation example

You want to publish 19 paid plugins and 2 free ones on the marketplace.

You don’t have to pay anything during the first 30 days (trial period). But you’ll have to buy enough credits for 19 paid plugins starting the second month. Please note that you don’t have to purchase credits to publish your 2 free plugins. In this case, the cost calculation will be as follows:

  • Credits will be deducted each day starting the second month. It’s 10 plugins (for 10 credits each) and 9 plugins (for 8 credits each).
  • So the total fee for all your plugins will be: 172 credits (per day).
  • If you want to publish these plugins for one month, you have to purchase 5160 credits (172 x 30 days).
  • And the total cost of those credits will be $258 per month (5160 credits x $0.05)

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve the nopCommerce marketplace for clients and vendors, please contact us.