Educational polish hub and webstore: 100% customer growth

Educational polish hub and webstore: 100% customer growth
Statistics #1
1 million coupon codes
Statistics #2
100% customer growth
Statistics #3
24/7 365 days per year availability to customers


Pearson has more than 25 years of experience in supporting education, providing books, courses, dictionaries for schools and universities. Books with Pearson logo, before Longman, were available from 1724, when Thomas Longman had created first private publishing house in Great Britain. nop4you challenge was to upgrade the platform for e-commerce which will meet a few necessary and key features. To-do list was very long. The most important feature, which must have been implemented was a plugin for integrating nopCommerce with Pearson personalized coupon code system. The main case was to give the customer access to the store after entering a coupon code.

Second issue was to handle one million independent coupon codes. Each book in Pearson offer had its own code.

Pearson also offers education platform, each customer could have the own access code to it. nopCommerce should be integrated with this platform as well.

Strong detailed reporting system had to be built, which will give a possibility to track coupon codes usage, track stocks, and sales.

The last case was to integrate nopCommerce with the Pearson ERP System – SAP Business One. Theoretically it was a simple task, but like any other integration, it required personalization.


The first step was to create fully functional online store based on nopCommerce, responsive, adjusted to all the most popular devices. The design of the store had to be consistent with the company’s brandbook. Owners mostly liked default nopCommerce template so they only asked for the gentle aesthetic modifications. The store has several hundred of categories and several thousands of products in combination with one million independent coupon codes. Dashboards and Charts plugin with many modifications were added.

Educational polish hub and online-store

Several new plugins were built:

  • Integration with SAP Business ONE
  • Coupon code system
  • Advanced Dashboards and Charts Plugin
  • Integration with their education platform access codes generator


The customer received fully customized and personalized online store based on nopCommerce and nop4you plugins. With every year the store is earning more and more profits and successfully helps people in learning languages. Now, the store has to handle over few thousand orders per month.