FONDY Payment Gateway

FONDY Payment Gateway
This payment module allows clients accept payments with FONDY.
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Supported versions: 4.10
Created: April 06,2019
Last updated: February 19,2020

The nopCommerce payment gateway is the most convenient, easiest, and fastest way to connect payment acceptance to your site. The plugin is suitable for both small online stores and large international portals.

By enabling the nopcommerce plugin from the FONDY payment gateway, your business gets a single platform for securely accepting funds, and customers get a variety of nopcommerce payment methods for goods and services. Customers from all over the world will be able to pay for a purchase with a bank card, online banking or alternative payment methods in a few seconds.

Using the nopCommerce module, you will ensure that your business processes transactions simultaneously through 25+ acquiring banks, increasing the conversion rate of successful payments. The payment gateway works with merchants in more than 33 countries, supporting 100+ currencies.

Advantages of FONDY

  • Various ways to connect the Internet acquiring service: nopCommerce payment module, payment button, online invoicing
  • Proprietary anti-fraud system that can instantly find and reject fraudulent payments, while maintaining the conversion rate of successful transactions
  • The payment page is adapted for mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • Well-designed holding system-saving funds on the client's card/account, which can be debited or returned in one click within 25 days
  • Saving payment data in encrypted form for automatic entry at the next payment to save the buyer's time
  • Ability to add new users to the system and assign certain rights to each user
  • Tracking order processing stages, payment status, and analytics in your account and mobile app
  • Assistance in opening and supporting a company, choosing a tax residence, and providing consulting services to entrepreneurs who want to bring their business to the international market
  • Enabling two-factor authentication, which allows you to make a payment only after the user enters the code from the SMS from the bank

Supported payment acceptance methods

    • Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Carte Bancaire, American Express – more than two dozen bank cards
    • Alipay, Trustpay, Skrill, SEPA, WeChat Pay - dozens of alternative payment methods
    • EU and Eastern European countries - online banking in 26 countries

Features of the FONDY platform

Easy installation and configuration

To start accepting payments through the nopCommerce payment module, you will need to register. In your account, you need to enter the details for payment of refunds, sign an electronic contract, and wait for the end of the site verification, which takes from 1 hour to 2 days.

Installing and configuring the nopcommerce plugin from the FONDY payment gateway takes a few minutes. In the future, you can change the appearance and functionality of the payment page directly in the site control panel without the help of programmers.

High-level security

Every year, the platform passes PCI DSS certification, which confirms the reliable storage and protection of information about bank card holders. Own security system Fondy Antifraud, which uses more than 300 rules and algorithms in the process, can find fraudsters and reject their payments.

The payment gateway is hosted in a cloud service that meets security standards. It is reliably protected from DDoS attacks and does not allow unauthorized people and companies to gain access to data and equipment. The presence of two-factor authentication guarantees that the payment will be made only after the cardholders enter a special code from an SMS message from the servicing banking organization.

Secure payment processing

Banks are considered one of the most reliable financial institutions, but even they have difficulties. By enabling the nopCommerce payment module, you can reserve a channel: if one of the banks stops processing a payment due to a failure or routine maintenance, the platform will route the payment from the client to the backup organization.

The nopcommerce plugin from the FONDY payment gateway can instantly record transaction deviations by the acquiring bank, and the system can transfer it to another bank. If the regulator recognizes a banking organization as insolvent, then the platform will retain customers' funds, since it simultaneously works with dozens of major banks.

Comfortable payment for customers

The nopCommerce payment gateway integration allows you to organize convenient payment acceptance for customers. At the first payment, the system remembers the user's details, saving them in encrypted form. Next time, he will only need to click on the confirmation button. The buyer will not have to search for the card and remember the CVV code.

If an entrepreneur manages a subscription service, they can set up nopCommerce recurring payments. When entering payment data for the first time, the client must additionally select the amount and frequency of debits and confirm the payment. Now the system will automatically write off money with the specified regularity (once a week / month / year). The buyer will not have to perform routine actions, and the business owner will not have to worry about late receipt of funds.

Convenient mobile nop payments

After connecting the nopcommerce plugin, the payment page automatically adapts to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices. Pages load quickly, the appearance and functionality are saved, so it is convenient for customers to pay for purchases.

A mobile app for iOS and Android has been created for business owners. They can send invoices, view statistics, and work with payments by receiving data from the nopCommerce payment module.

For entrepreneurs with smartphones on OC Android, NFC technology is supported: enter the amount and purpose of payment, the client brings the bank card at a distance of 10 cm, the system records and confirms the payment in 1-2 seconds.

Built-in Analytics system

For business owners to improve the payment acceptance system, we have built-in the available tools, including the nopCommerce payment plugin, smart analytics. You can track the processing status of each payment in real-time, see the customer's purchase stages to provide prompt assistance if difficulties arise.

The FONDY payment gateway allows you to study customers. Entrepreneurs can find out their favorite payment methods, currency and country, and frequently used devices. The received data is automatically displayed in your account, where it can be generated into full-fledged reports and saved to your computer.

Cost of using the payment gateway for nopCommerce

Creating a personal account, downloading, installing and configuring is free. The system only charges a commission on payment, the amount of which depends on the company's turnover. The payment of the commission can be transferred to the client.