Herbalife goes Omnichannel: 3000+ new users every quarter

Herbalife goes Omnichannel: 3000+ new users every quarter
Statistics #1
3000+ new users every quarter
Statistics #2
11000+ orders in the first quarter
Statistics #3
50000+ orders are expected in the first year

Herbalife, a worldwide producer of well-balanced nutrition, weight control, and beauty goods, together with Filuet Group, its logistic partner, actively expands into Eastern and Western Europe. The first region to implement Omnichannel strategy was Baltic countries – Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia with a population of about 7 million. One distinct feature of expansion strategy is a transition from traditional offline channels (sales centers, call center orders) to multi-channel sales system.


Transition to Omnichannel includes two general challenges:

  • active implementation of e-Commerce and m-Commerce channels (mobile applications, chatbots, social networks);
  • connecting existing offline channels to new online channels providing customers with a convenient and seamless way for purchasing and order tracking through all the possible contact points.

All these significantly increase both customer loyalty and average order price. Statistics proves that customers using 3 and more different channels are more loyal and willing to spend more money on a company’s products.



nopCommerce was chosen as a platform solution and ISDK company as an implementation contractor.

nopCommerce, leading Microsoft .NET based solution, was offered by ISDK. This choice was based on a need to have complex integration with Herbalife ERP system and Filuet Group logistic applications. Built on .NET and plugin-extendable architecture using Dependency Injection pattern, nopCommerce provides almost unlimited system integration capabilities.

The first phase of the project included the following tasks:

  • online-store,
  • mobile applications delivering full cart and order sync with online-store,
  • integration of eCommerce channel to existing offline architecture of order processing, pricing, warehouse stock tracking etc.,
  • embedding of Filuet Group shipping widget,
  • integration to payment systems.


A system was developed and went live in the beginning of 2018. The choice to use nopCommerce version 3.9 proved to be right. All integration requirements were fully met. The system also shown adequate performance – in peak days site auditory is up to few thousands.

The system is fully hosted on Microsoft Azure using one of standard cloud service plans which ensures good stress resistance.

One of the most important results of the first project phase was the formation of Core for all Omnichannel solution. nopCommerce lays the foundation of this platform Core.

Second project phase further extends system capabilities:

  • integration of eCommerce with vending channels (kiosks, automated sales stores),
  • implementation of chat bots for goods selling and customer support. NLP functions of chat bots allows recognition of regular text or speech from the users,
  • addition of new payment methods using online banking.



As a result, a Herbalife customer gets completely integrated shopping environment. He or she can access an order basket from all devices, order history is centralized and shows all orders, including offline. Mobile helpers and chatbots allow quick search of product items or information and provide technical support.


Benefits for the company include customer loyalty increase, boost in sales revenue and an endless row of opportunities of using marketing technologies – retargeting, upselling, cross-selling, CRM marketing etc.

ISDK has been on the Microsoft solutions market for 8 years. The company deliver retailers and service providers with nopCommerce-based omnichannel solutions embracing the convenience of shopping from computer and mobile-apps, nlp-chatbots and self-service kiosks.