How to write product descriptions on your eCommerce site that sell

How to write product descriptions on your eCommerce site that sell

Does any of your product descriptions tempt online shoppers to buy a product(s) from you? Or do you simply describe the product and let the customers decide if they want to buy that product from you or your competitor?

Writing a great product description for your eCommerce store site is one of the hardest things you will ever do. Yes, it can be a very time-consuming task. But, think of the product description as an opportunity to sell your product to the customers instead of simply describing it and explaining what it does that majority of the customer may already know. Have you ever come across a bland product description that does not give you any details that you are looking for? Especially when you are ready to click that buy button but you just need a confirmation from the product description that product does what it is supposed to do and a differentiating factor.

The secret of writing a great product description is to think from a buyer’s prospective and mention all those key items that customers are looking for and the differentiating factors that motivate them to buy the product from your online store.

Here are a few key points that every store owner should follow for writing great product descriptions that convert and sells.

Defining the tone

The tone of your voice in the product description can act as a great tool in engaging with your customers (or target audience). Do you want to sound boring and publish same old bland product descriptions that every other online store is posting? Or do you want to go with a lighthearted approach and a dash of humor that can be a differentiating factor from your competitor?

Let the tone of your voice demonstrate in the product description that you are friendly and interested in doing business with your customers. Online shoppers are very quick in judging by your tone, how you deal with your customers so show them that you are approachable and interested in understanding your client’s business.

For example, here is how ThinkGeek describes Harry Potter Hogwarts Moccasin Slippers:
Old castles in Scotland? They're really quite drafty. Sure, you've got the ability to make a stream of warm air come out of the end of your wand, but you don't want to sit around all day, pointing your wand at your feet, do you? Especially not when that wand could be better suited magically stirring your hot chocolate, instead. Or when you need it to fight in a wizard's duel.

  • Warm sueded slippers magically keep your toes toasty
  • Low-back slide-on slippers with rubber grippy soles
  • Printed with the Hogwarts crest and motto

As soon as you read this kind of product description, you are compelled to buy such product. The tone in the description definitely matches the type of product that ThinkGeek is selling. Why would you buy a product like this? Because of the way ThinkGeek is describing it.

Creating a balance between features and benefits

There are countless ways how you can write that perfect product description. A good approach is to always create a perfect balance between features and benefits of the product. Describe how your product works and why a customer should invest in it. In other words, talk about your product benefits in relation to the features.

For example, here is how Moosejaw describes Moosejaw Carpet Diem Outdoor Blanket:
The Moosejaw Carpet Diem Outdoor Blanket is the perfect all-purpose outdoor blanket that is always ready for whatever you throw at it. Seize your spot on the lawn: Music at the park, Fourth of July fireworks, a day at the beach or plain old cuddling with your honey. Fleecy on one side and tough polyester on the other, feel free to choose which side is up, but obviously, the correct answer is fleece up. So soft and cozy for a nap. The tough side is water, dirt and sand resistant, so you don't get your tush all dirty while reading a book. Whether you're just arriving or taking off, the whole thing rolls up into itself and secures with a couple of straps with a carry handle on top. Ideal for getting back to the car when the rain rolls in.

  • Versatile blanket is perfect for the beach, concerts, picnics and building forts
  • Double Brushed Anti Pill Fleece face fabric is so soft it feels like you're lounging on a ground cloud
  • 100% Polyester Oxford grid waterproof back side resists water, dirt, sand and sideways looks from jealous neighbors
  • Durable nylon straps and carry handle for quick and easy getaways
  • Zinc Alloy buckles double as a bottle opener. What more could you want from a blanket?

Moosejaw site is perfectly describing their product by telling customers about how the product is beneficial to their lives and why it is an essential product.

Appeal customer’s imagination

When customers walk into a physical store, they always like to look at the item before buying it. It is quite common for customers to look, touch, feel, smell and view the item from different angles before buying it. One limitation of selling products online is that customers cannot touch and feel your product so as a business owner (or store admin), it is your job to appeal customer’s imagination by words and let customer imagine how it is like to actually use the product just by simply reading the product description.

For example, here is how Godiva describes Masterpieces Milk Chocolate Caramel Lion of Belgium Bar:
Introducing Godiva Masterpieces – Godiva’s most exquisite chocolates now available in delightful individually wrapped mini chocolates, perfect to enjoy anytime. Each Masterpiece is crafted in the shape of a signature chocolate and filled with smooth and creamy fillings that melt in your mouth. Godiva's individually wrapped Lion of Belgium filled bar is inspired by Godiva's most cherished chocolate, a majestic chocolate 'shield' proudly embossed with the Belgium coat of arms.

This is a perfect example of writing a product description that let the audience picture themselves already having and using the product.

Writing great product description that converts and sells may sound like a tedious task but it is definitely worth it. Focus on power words, avoid using industry jargons and share stories to make a better connection with your audience.


Author: Lavish Kumar

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