If your store could speak, it would beg you to visit nopCommerce days 2018

If your store could speak, it would beg you to visit nopCommerce days 2018

Are you sure your business is ready for the changes and upcoming trends of 2019?

What does the US Supreme Court decision on South Dakota v. Wayfair case mean for a business?

The notable South Dakota v. Wayfair case and the Supreme Court’s decision were a real bombshell. Will it be a heavy burden on the middle-sized online sellers? Business sharks from Wall-street think that the decision can become a real hit for giant online retailers as it was illustrated by the unexpectable failures of stock prices of Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock. The latest changes in taxation oblige you to react immediately in order to stay in the Great Game. Steve Hoffman, Strategic Alliance Manager from Avalara, will go into details of this case and its consequences for your business.

From hand to hand

What do you think about your store’s delivery efficiency? Do you know what changes and trends are expected by online business in 2019? Are you ready for them? Can you believe that shipping can take less than 30 minutes? JD.com, the second largest online-store in China, tries to supersede Amazon, the American leader in parcel shipping, by using drones, which help to cut costs by 70%.

Do you know about the following changes in shipping:

  • USPS and Amazon shipping innovations that have transformed the industry, including last mile shipping options;
  • New carriers, including regional carriers and same day shippers, that have affected the shipping landscape;
  • New technology, including Shipping API's, that have turned the landscape from warehouse/premise-based shipping into drop shipping.

Krish Iyer, Director of Strategic Partnerships at ShipStation, will talk about eCommerce shipping trends: what do you need to know to keep up.

How to sell better than Amazon

Sounds unbelievable, isn’t it? Our experts believe that there is nothing impossible in the world. Sam Mallikarjunan from HubSpot, a co-author of the book "How To Sell Better Than Amazon" (which is - ironically - available for purchase on Amazon), was researching the effective growth strategies in eCommerce area and is ready to share the secrets of successful sales with you.

Save your time – lose your clients and money

You copy an ad from AdWords to Facebook and back thinking that you save your time. A research done by SEMrush (world's leading competitive research service for online marketing) has shown that you should take into account special aspects of different advertising platforms when you place ad copies. Ashley Ward, Digital Marketing Strategist from SEMrush, will explain how to unite competitive advertising, time, and money.

When shopping is worse than a labyrinth

Are you sure that UI/UX design of your store corresponds with demands of modern captious and lazy customers? Are they able to find what they need in your store? One of the main visitors’ request is a user-friendly interface and design. Take away all the obstacles for consumers and it won’t take long to see the result. Baymard Institute and Lauren Smith offer almost 600 practices for improvement of your website. All you need is to listen to her presentation and to find what suits you best.

What else are you interested in? Machine learning and AI, solutions to cut your hosting costs, a unified commerce, conversion rate optimization and many other things. You’ll get them, come and see, nopCommerce Days 2018 is getting closer.

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Author: Darya Popova, nopCommerce team

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