Meblezych: store update increased customers’ on-site time by 50%

Meblezych: store update increased customers’ on-site time by 50%
Statistics #1
50% increase in time spent on site
Statistics #2
6 plugins developed within the project


Meblezych is an online store of pine wood furniture providing its clients with stylish and high-quality wooden products.


The main task was to update clients’ nopCommerce-based site to nopCommerce 4.00 version. This task required updating all the plugins, which this store was using. The biggest challenge, however, was to integrate nopCommerce with an ERP system Subiekt Nexo.



First of all, a totally new theme was implemented. A template for jewelry stores, Dijou Theme, was used as a basis. It was redesigned according to customer requirements and needs. In this way, it helped to create product pages that effectively show the details of the furniture being sold.

Customers can easily see all the information about the product
Customers can easily see all the information about the product

The number of categories and promotions required creation of a dedicated section on the home page, where store owners would be able to present currently active promotions as well as the most popular categories of the store.

Special section attracts the attention of customers
Special section attracts the attention of customers


The functionality of the store was extended by integration with Subiekt Nexo. One of the improvement areas was to transfer orders from nopCommerce to Subiekt Nexo. Another task was to send invoices from PDF as attachments to orders in nopCommerce.

Integration with Subiekt Nexo was made using OData Web API plugin, which provides very flexible and effective integration with external systems, such as ERP.

In Poland, Homebook and Domodi are very popular websites for sellers of all kinds of furniture. So it was important to create a plugin that would allow easy transfer of products to these two sites. Required files were created and downloaded through these portals using simple plugins. Here is the list of plugins which were implemented in addition to the main functionality:

  • QuickHTML,
  • QuickFlexSlider,
  • Skąpiec - Integration with a price comparison site,
  • Raty Santander – plugin to handle installment payments,
  • Single Page Checkout,
  • Discount Newsletter,
  • Theme Editor - plugin enabling employees to make simple changes to the template
  • And the last, but not least Marketing Automation plugin.


The customer received a fully customized and personalized online store based on nopCommerce platform, nop4you plugins and the theme. 6 plugins were developed within the project. As a result, the time which customers spend on site increased by 50%.

Nop4you is a Poland based company that specializes in nopCommerce themes and plugins development and integration with ERP, such as Sap Business One.