Music Tribe - A Transformational B2B eCommerce Solution for Musical Instruments

Music Tribe - A Transformational B2B eCommerce Solution for Musical Instruments
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Successfully migrated from SAP Hybris to nopCommerce
Statistics #2, Elastic Search, and Custom MDM APIs integration
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High performance up to 100% for B2B superpartners


Music Tribe, formerly known as Music Group, is a leading multinational corporation renowned for manufacturing and distributing high-quality musical instruments, audio equipment, and associated accessories. The company takes pride in delivering affordable, reliable equipment to musicians, producers, and audio enthusiasts worldwide.

To streamline their B2B ordering process and enhance the user experience, Music Tribe engaged Nopadvance LLP to develop and migrate their B2B online store for finished goods from SAP Hybris to nopCommerce. With the assistance of our skilled developers, we integrated the necessary features to create a robust, automated, and user-friendly online store at a cost-effective rate.


The objective of this project was to develop a responsive B2B online store that facilitates smooth order management for Music Tribe's Super partners and Authorized Service Centers. The new platform was built using nopCommerce 4.40.3, with customizations in the source code to meet project specifications.

This project was designed to integrate seamlessly with the MDM (Master Data Management) layer, enabling data synchronization between D365 ERP, D365 CRM, Arena PLM, and the B2B store. Thus, ensuring compatibility across various devices and screen sizes.


The project's key challenges included migrating the existing B2B platform from SAP Hybris to nopCommerce, and preserving all existing features while enhancing the user interface and experience. This move was a critical aspect of Music Tribe's digital transformation strategy, which also entailed migrating from SAP to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology stack.

Additional challenges included ensuring that the store remained exclusively accessible to Music Tribe partners, necessitating the implementation of partner-specific product eligibility and pricing groups. The platform also required continuous synchronization with the MDM layer without impacting solution performance. Furthermore, the order placement process had to be capable of dividing orders based on product availability, order type, and ship-from location, while complying with complex, partner-specific rules for product eligibility, without compromising performance.


To overcome these challenges, we developed several features and implemented strategic solutions:

  • Partner Management with Multi-Contacts: We implemented a feature enabling easy setup of multiple partners, complete with respective contacts and preferences. Our partner-wise price groups and manufacturer & country versions simplified product selection for partners.
  • High-Performance Servers: To ensure continuous data synchronization without impacting performance, we introduced a three-tier server system comprising a Web Server (for solution hosting), Middleware Server (for data syncing and elastic hosting), and Database Server (for database management).

  • Integration: We integrated the Quartz job scheduling library to enable custom jobs at fixed intervals and specific times.
  • Order Division: Our system intuitively divides orders based on availability and shipping location, ensuring order statuses are synced properly with MDM.
  • Elastic Search Engine: We implemented an advanced search engine powered by ElasticSearch to improve product discovery and filtering speed.
  • Efficient SQL query: Our efficient SQL query ensured quick results and effective filtering even if the elastic server is down, keeping the store operational at all times.
  • Global Accessibility: Our mobile-friendly solution allows Music Tribe partners to shop from anywhere globally, delivering a seamless shopping experience.


The revamped Music Tribe store is now fully operational, boasting speedy product loading based on partner eligibility and seamless data synchronization between MDM and nopCommerce. The ElasticSearch integration has significantly improved search results and filtering speed.

Moreover, the transition to nopCommerce, an open-source platform, has led to substantial cost savings for Music Tribe, eliminating the need for license fees.


The transformed Music Tribe store is an exemplary eCommerce solution for partners, offering a superb shopping experience with partner-specific product eligibility. This means partners can now directly purchase products from Music Tribe and make them available to their end customers with ease.

The project has significantly improved product information management for the Music Tribe team, thanks to nopCommerce's user-friendly interface. Moreover, our reliable solution offers stable performance, allowing the Music Tribe team to focus on their core business operations without any concerns. Our experienced team continues to provide consultation on implementation and development, ensuring Music Tribe experiences the very best in B2B eCommerce solutions.

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