Newton Distributing: redeveloped site doubled conversion rates

Newton Distributing: redeveloped site doubled conversion rates
Statistics #1
2 times higher conversion rates
Statistics #2
> 1000 of products migrated
Statistics #3
75% longer time on site


The initial requirement was transitioning from the Newton’s old cart - a completely custom-designed cart that was failing from a daily management and reporting standpoint.

The client needed a new tool that would allow to mass-edit products, upload products en-masse via spreadsheet, provide multi-user access, and report on product sales and product data. Multi-vendor support and ability to upload multiple products at once were another huge requirements.


Atilus has initially developed a custom script to convert the client’s existing product data (stored in an Access Database) to nopCommerce. Thousands of products, and product variables were added to the new database.

Front-end was heavily customized, as well as nopCommerce search functionality.

Newton Distributing new store has got a mobile store based on a fully responsive Bootstrap 4 design. The cart has been easy to update and tweak and the responsive layout has helped propel mobile visitors and sales above desktop users.

Some bits of work are still left. For example, Atilus is currently working on adding and developing a module for importation of products through Google Sheets. Multi-vendor functionality is on the way too.

“Once it is finally implemented, it will really help the client manage their various partner relationships with customers like Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, etc. – who have exclusive and specific pricing based on larger agreements.” - shared Zach Katkin, President at Atilus.

Newton Distributing: redeveloped site doubled conversion rates


Moving to the new shopping cart gave very satisfying results. Conversion rates all went up - from 0.75% to over 1.5% - doubling the effectiveness and revenue from all marketing channels. Time on site went up 75%.

Zach Katkin also noticed that “perhaps the most importantly is that the client is happy to have an amazing looking site, built on a system that is easily updateable, both from a development and a product perspective.”