nopCommerce Days 2017. What to expect from the 1st day of the conference

nopCommerce Days 2017. What to expect from the 1st day of the conference

Our annual conference, nopCommerce Days 2017 is getting closer and we want to uncover some facts about the first day of the event. On the 16th of November 2017, nopCommerce Days kicks off in New York, the USA for a very first time.

This day focus will be on the platform and the community present and future. There will a mix of speeches for every nopСommerce user: from development agencies owners and different levels developers to store managers, both theory-and-practice-oriented. On the first day you’ll find sessions dedicated to the business success, showcasing inspiring nopCommerce case stories. Don’t forget about networking during the day, it’s a good chance to meet the right people for partnering and just have a nice small talk.

Keynotes from nopCommerce team

We are very pleased to say, there will be five of us this year. At the beginning of the conference, nopCommerce CEO, Andrei Mazulnitsyn will have a keynote presentation. This speech will be a cornerstone of the conference, helping our users to get a clear picture of where nopCommerce stand now, and where we are going to. We used to consider our users as a reliable and trustworthy community of like-minded people. That’s exactly why we want to share the results of what has been already achieved and implemented and reveal the future plans.

In the end of the first conference day nopCommerce marketing team: Vladimir Lokhanin, Nina Okhmanovich, Alexandra Lykova will continue to share the past year results, but with the focus on marketing department activities This year was definitely the year of nopCommerce partners and community. Many ideas went live and even more suggestions wait response from community. During this keynote, you will find out more on how you can contribute to help evolve nopCommerce and get more from the partnership.

nopCommerce Days 2017. What to expect from the 1st day of the conference

We know, a large part of our community members are developers and we appreciate it. The first conference day will be full of outstanding developers talks. Most of the speeches will be concentrating on the nopCommerce ecosystem and optimizing the performance.

Integrating with third-party products

Normally clients claiming for nopCommerce based site already have some business platforms used like ERP, WMS, CMS. They need these systems to be fully compatible with nopCommerce. It’s one of the key challenges for developing agencies - to implement nopCommerce into the current ecosystem. Even if the project was starting from scratch, integration building with third-parties is the key point as well.

This year we decided to focus on how nopCommerce could be a part of different kind of projects, how to integrate it with other platforms and extend the basiс functionality by adding plugins. There will be several fantastic and deeply practice-oriented talks here.

nopCommerce - Wordpress integration

Lavish Kumar, Striving Programmers CEO, and Shakti Singh Tanwar, Techpro Compsoft Pvt Ltd owner, will be talking about the crucial integration with Wordpress, the well-known blogging platform. Why not using the advantages of both nopCommerce and Wordpress to build an online business when eCommerce and advanced blogging features are required.

ERP integration

This kind of integration was made in order to fulfill B2B client requirements. The case study will be shown by Alexander Moss, President & Founder in Aperture Labs covers all the process of handling this issue from challenge to final solution.

Title management system

The talk prepared by George A. Kiraz, Ivos Solutions President, will show how nopCommerce was extended via a number of plugins but with minimum changes to its code to become a full-fledged Title Management System for publishers and bookstore owners.

Plugin development

The fundamental talk on nopCommerce architecture will be delivered by John Baluka, Software Developer in ICompare Solutions. This is going to be a fast paced walk-through of the nopCommerce architecture and source code.

At the previous conference, there was a workshop on developing plugins in nopCommerce. This year the topic will be kept on by Kanstantsin Ivinski, Dev Partner, CEO who is going to share some principals and best practices of developing nopCommerce plugins, which will allow to upgrade and support solutions easily.

Mobile applications

Grzegorz Onyszkiewicz, nop4you Project manager, will present the multi-platform mobile application fit to all the types of Android, IOS, and Windows mobile devices.

Optimizing nopCommerce

At the first day of the conference Xcellence-IT, founder, Krunal Jariwala will be talking on the how to perform the capacity planning, load testing, profiling and optimizing the nopCommerce for high load using available tools. This talk will include few cases.

There will be also a very useful speech on implementing customized, high traffic, and high transactional nopCommerce in Azure by Irvine company team: Cory Mekanik, Yevgeny Chan and Chris Kochheim.

SEO nopCommerce optimization will be covered as well. President of Online Marketing in Foremost Media, Evan Facinger will be presenting on search optimization principles that can be easily used during the development process to help the client and the developer.

Aman Sood, Tmotion Managing Director is going to share his thoughts on how the new data control standards in the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other standards changes will affect eCommerce market and how these challenges could be managed.

At least a half of all the talks will be both technical and business oriented, so our door are open for store owners, managers and marketers, for everybody who passionate about eCommerce and nopCommerce in particular.

Check the nopCommerce Days schedule one more time and don’t forget to buy your ticket.

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