Allow customers to pay directly from their bank account and accept instant payments directly to yours with the Osu payment module for your nopCommerce website. No more waiting to receive the funds. No more paying complex and high fees. No more worrying about fraud and chargebacks. For your customers, paying takes just 3-clicks, with the speed, comfort, and trust of using their own bank account. Instant. Competitive. Secure. Install the official Osu nopCommerce integration built by nopCommerce today.


  • Fast module installation: The Osu plugin for your nopCommerce store can be quickly set-up. Just go to the Osu payment module page here and click “Get Extension”.
  • Most competitive pricing: Pay just 35p per transaction and that’s it! No monthly fee and no set-up costs. You only pay when your customer pays.
  • Truly instant settlement: The money is transferred directly from the customer’s bank account to yours the moment your customer clicks "pay”. No more days waiting.
  • Bank level security: Customers authenticate and verify their payments within their own banking application – eliminating chargebacks and reducing fraud to near zero.
  • Management dashboard: View your payment history, generate custom reports, and manage your Osu account in one place.

Next Steps:

  1. Ready to take advantage of truly instant settlement? Sign up today!
  2. Already signed up with Osu? Continue to the next step.
  3. Log in to your nopCommerce account. Go to Administration > Configuration > Payment > Payment methods. Click “Configure” next to the Osu option.
  4. Follow the configuration instructions on the page.