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Physically located in Vila Nova de Gaia and Lisbon, PontoPR is part of a group of technology-based companies that give it unique characteristics in a competitive market.

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The building of a new website, regularly updated, with a modern design and adjusted to a series of indicators, perfectly prepared for mobile platforms and with high-quality, informative, and commercial content is the first step for any entity wishing to become visible in the digital world.

Online Store

Expanding the market, reaching a wider audience, communicating your brand and products in a universe of virtually infinite sales potential. These are the initial goals of an e-commerce solution. Working on massification strategies and market share expansion dedicated to the final customer (B2C), building loyalty and attracting new business partners on an e-commerce platform (B2B), or developing a new website with an end-to-end and autonomous sales engine (C2C). These are the challenges we regularly embrace and to which we have dedicated years of experience. CMS PR Admin, robust and developed by PontoPR, gives a unique level of customization, making it possible to adapt the platform to the business model. We also have proven experience in open source platform implementations for more transversal needs.


We immerse ourselves in each project with the same dedication we had for the first. We put our 15 years of experience at the service of our customers' ideas, with a correct blend of efficiency and investment. We expect a starting point and an endpoint from our customers, and then we do the rest.

EU projects

With over 8 years of experience in European projects, PontoPR has a network of international professionals with whom it shares and collaborates on a daily basis. More than the necessary skills and levels of excellence, what motivates us is the community cultural exchange that these complex processes involved.


EuroX10, Home Automation portal

Cais do Lugan, 224 - 2º Drt
4400-492 V. N. Gaia – Portugal
T.: +351223745195
email: [email protected]
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