Product Bundling and Booklist plugin

Product Bundling and Booklist plugin
This plugin allows you to create exciting product bundles, customizable booklists or product kits on your e-commerce site. While bundling comes standard on NopCommerce, this plugin delivers two important features not found as standard anywhere else.
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Supported versions: 3.90, 4.20
Created: August 30,2019
Last updated: January 28,2020
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Product Bundling and Booklist Plug-in

for nopCommerce

Do you have a business that lends itself to the creation of customizable lists, kits or product bundles? Imagine back-to-school lists for specific grades at specific schools - with built-in functionality so parents can remove items or decrease or increase quantities. Or, as in the demo, perhaps you have an outdoor business and you want to help new campers or advanced rock climbers buy from a pre-defined list.


  1. When the bundle is added to a shopping cart, standard versions add the bundle SKU but the individual product SKUs are only added to the cart as text – and an ERP (or other systems) cannot use text. This plugin instead adds the SKUs of the individual products in the bundle to the cart, so your ERP and accounting or inventory integrations can automatically pull this SKU information.
  2. This plugin makes it possible for the merchant to duplicate individual products in different bundles. So the sleeping bag you have in the Camping Starter Kit can be used in the Rock Climbing Starter Kit too.