Product Review Customer Reminder

Product Review Customer Reminder
This plugin allows merchants to set up following up emails to customers asking them to leave a review of ordered products.
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Supported versions: 4.40, 4.50
Created: May 10,2022
Last updated: May 13,2022

Customer reviews help substantially increase conversion rates and bring real benefits that are seen in sales. The "Product Review Customer Reminder" plugin helps merchants, who want as many reviews as possible, and gives them the ability to automatically send emails to customers (after a certain period of time after delivery of the products) asking them to leave a review of purchased products.

Once an order has been marked as delivered and if it contains products that allow a review, an email will be sent to the customer asking to leave a review if they wish. If the option to leave product reviews by guests is configured on the store then even the guest will be emailed.


- easy installation

- easy configuration

- plugin is available with source code

- plugin adds new token %Review.Order.Product(s)% representing the product for the review list in a mobile responsive HTML