I am trying to setup a Wholesale side of the site. All is working great so far. I've added a Wholesale customer role. It the items I'm showing wholesale prices to, I put the retail price into the Price field of the item and adding a price tier that gives the wholesale price if the logged in user is a wholesale customer.

I'm trying to setup 2 Wholesale categories. Once that displays info to the user on how to become a wholesale client, the other is a regular category page that shows that items we have available for wholesale. Which category gets displayed depends on if the user is a wholesale customer or not.

The problem I'm having is this behavior is getting ignored! I setup one category to only show when a wholesale customer is logged in, the other is setup to display when any other type of person is logged in, but no matter how I configure this, both wholesale categories are showing up, even if I log out.

Can someone see what I may be doing wrong?