This is all knew to me but I have spent a couple of weeks scratching, digging and using the google machine.

I have developed and Installed a new plugin that inserts new tables into the database
using all the rules in the existing videos.  I now have some nice new tables. I have also
injecting and consuming new services wrapping my data layer. All good so far! Got routing
working- yea!

I have created views within the plugin and that's fine!

Next I have created a custom theme  and got up a  site using view over - rides as in several examples.
Check!   Created new controllers and routes within the theme. Yea all good ! Yea!

Now, using "custom view engine"  as described - I can easily reach views in my theme from my
plugin. Using routing on buttons, I can reach my plugin controller from my theme, so I can
pass form data to my plugin.

I want to house my views in my theme cause that's  where my custom layouts live.
I want to use a plugin cause that is how I insert my additional tables.

1 .  I cannot figure out how to share viewmodels between the too areas.
2.  I cannot see any data service wrappers in the theme that I inject in the plugin. They seem to be local to the plugin ??
     and I can consume them in the plugin. I can see the build-in services in the theme views, but not not the ones created by the plugin.

3. Creating views in the plugin seems to work, but I cannot figure how to access my theme layouts.

4. I have noticed some verbiage about "templates" that I haven't studied, is this a way to share layouts?

Somewhere I am missing something fundamental. Any body who can set me straight will be my friend for ever.

__ clueless bebop