IAmThatStrange wrote:
Andrei, I apologize that when I found the discount problem that I did not see this.  Nelnet is still using 3.8 but I verified this still occurs in 4.0.

This maybe related to the https://github.com/nopSolutions/nopCommerce/issues/2476.  Again I'm sorry I didn't notice that the tax rate too was missing!

1.  Make sure that "Display All Applied Tax Rates" is checked on in the tax settings.
2.  Make sure that a recurring payment product has tax
3.  Send through a recurring order
4.  Then manually send through the next payment(or wait one day if the recurring is setup for daily).

You'll see that the Tax rate no longer shows up.  

This image is of the initial Recurring order.

This image is of the next recurring payment

The tax rate is missing from the second recurring payment order - and it's missing in the database too.  

This affects one of our University reports (the query looks for the tax rate in this report)


Hello Mary,

do you use some tax plugins or default nop tax configuration in version 3.80 ? Since we have similar issue in 3.80 and wanna upgrade to 4.00. Thank you