Hi All,

I am new to NOP commerce and would like to know if it is possible to create a new product type and modify the checkout process via a plugin.

To give some background, I am looking to create a product type that acts as a container for other products, in this case a food hamper. The user journey would be as follows:

• User first chooses a hamper type (box, basket etc)
• Once created the user can then browse other products in the system and add them to the hamper
• User can create/edit as many hampers as they like
• Each hamper (containing multiple products) would display in the basket/checkout as a single line item

One important thing to note is that this cannot work as a single product with multiple attributes as shown in the build a computer example. The hamper is a new product type into which other products can be added. In other words I need to keep all the benefits of search, categorisation, related products etc that I would lose from going down the attribute route.

All I would like to know at this stage is whether this is possible via a plugin in NOP commerce, please can anyone help?

Many thanks in advance.