I love the new site design and nop-templates is a great company as well. One thing i must comment on, to save you all a bunch of grief, is having Arvixe as a recommended hosting provider, on the home page. Arvixe was sold awhile back and is now in my experience the the worst hosting company I have ever done business with. Just google them now and you will see how they have declined and how many past customers like me got screwed over. Please do not use them and nopcommerce please do not sponsor Arvixe anymore. Before I left Arvixe there was literally a three week period when no-one could get even an email reply from technical support. This caused alot of distress to myself and clients I had hosting with them. NopCommerce is such a great eCommerce application and community and I really think they should NOT associate with really bad hosting companies like Arvixe. Even if Arvixe pay a support partner fee I think for integrity of nopcommerce and community you should not promote Arvixe.