I am developing an ecommerce and I was wondering if I should use NopCommerce considering the following...

I suppose that NopCommerce would make my life easier to develop this ecommerce, that is it's job and besides having no experience in it, I can only believe what I read from the official website and several testimonials of course. But let's say I build an ecommerce with NopCommerce, that is my initial goal... But my main goal is to one day,  upgrading this ecommerce into a marketplace. I have certain time constraints to fully develop a marketplace at this time and place, so I need to build the ecommerce first, monetize it a bit and then build a marketplace.

Thus, my actual question is, how difficult do you think NopCommerce would make it for me? It goes without saying, that I am not expecting NopCommerce to have any additional logic related to a marketplace, but do you think it is flexible enough for a developer easily extend functionality  for something like this ?

Thank you dear community.
Best Regards