Hi, so that i dont start reinventing the wheel:

Is there a mechanism/override to use direct URLs for product images without having to load all the images to the local hard drive or database?

I want all our product images to stay on our existing CDN (+- 2m images) and just use the urls directly within the site, the nopAccelerate CDN approach where you upload all your images to the site, then it replaces the url paths at runtime with your CDN address and hope the path is the same, is a bit of a sticking plaster approach, so i want to go direct to the cdn where the images already exist. is this already possible?

also, has anyone experienced any bad degredation of service when you have more than 500,000 product sku's?

i'm hoping SQL Server with Full Text Index appropriately set up - will allow for snappy autocomplete searching, but i fear i may need to implement an elasticsearch cluster for this and override the search mechanism too?

one last thing, if i was to run this in AWS on 2 or more small EC2 instances, behind an ELB (load balancer) would it work ok? or would there be a number of things i would need to disable on all but one instance?

(great product by the way, love overriding everything in code)