As like as other, we have two product attribute Color & Size ! So it will have combination based on those Product Attributes. Front end display COLOR & SIZE COMBINATION WHICH REALLY Doesn't exists and allow add to cart.  Another Issue I found it allows OUT OF STOCK for attribute item combination. I may be missing any settings or either it may be BUG.

Please help to figure out. I am using OUT-OF-BOX 3.20 VERSION.


Product : Ray Ban RB 2140 Original Wayfarer Sunglasses
Color :Black / Crystal Green Lens (901) & Size : 50
Color : Tortoise / Crystal Green Lens (902) & Size : 50 & 54.

I have added two colors (Black & Tortoise) & 2 Sizes  (50 & 54). Here we have ONLY 3 COMBINATION AVAILABLE. So I used "attribute combination" tab and only added 3 combination in that.

Though, front-end website display COLOR DROP DOWN "black" and SIZE DROPDOWN BELOW IT "54". it allows to add to cart ALSO. In same other 3 combination if item is OUT OF STOCK in that case also it allows to add to cart.

Please help me to work around it or give me suggestion to setup store with too many COLOR & SIZES COMBINATION OPTION WHERE SIZES ARE AVAILABLE ON SELECTION OF COLOR. I have provided you ideal example above.

Please let me know.