Revolution e-commerce product slider

Revolution e-commerce product slider
Plugin using Revolution slider to display the slider in an innovative design
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Supported versions: 4.10, 4.20, 4.30
Created: March 23,2019
Last updated: June 01,2020

Plugin using Revolution slider to display the slider in an innovative design.

By using this plugin you may get more traffic on your site.

You can make the product image appear between two date or appear always time


  1. Upload an unlimited number of images for your slider.
  2. Support mutistore (display slider for selected store).
  3. Set vailable start date and vailable end date for the image to appear in the slider.
  4. You can change price, old price, and review value to any product in the slider.
  5. Place the slider in any widget zones as you need.
  6. Localize support.
  7. Currencies support.
  8. Slider settings.

In version 4.30 several features have been added

  1. Place the slider on as many widget zones as you need.
  2. Adding unlimited sliders.
  3. Support several sliders in one widget zone.
  4. You can limit the appearance of the slider on a specific page or multiple pages through the page link in SEO depending on the chosen widget zone, where you can appear sliders in a specified category only or according to a specific language only.
  5. You can limit the slider displaying depend on customer rules settings.
  6. You can schedule your sliders for a specific date and time frame. Scheduling pattern is it Every day - Every Month -On an odd day - On even day - On Monday - On Tuesday - On Wednesday - On Thursday -On Friday-On Saturday -On Sunday - From Sunday To Thursday - From Monday to Friday - On Thursday and Friday - On Friday and Saturday -On Saturday and Sunday.
  7. You can change the CSS style like color to be appropriate with your theme.
  8. You can control the display of sliders on the mobile.