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Similar Products
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Similar Products plugin brings capability to automatically discover and display similar products.
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Supported versions: 4.40, 4.50
Created: October 22,2021
Last updated: May 28,2022

Similar Products plugin brings capability to automatically discover and display similar products. The plugin provides a widget visually similar to Related Products.

Under the hood the plugin uses Microsoft.ML and MathNet.Numerics libraries to compare products by their properties.

The main benefit of Similar Products plugin is that products recommendations are made automatically, so the process of picking recommendations manually for each product is eliminated.

The process of similar products discovery happens on demand: either initiated manually from Admin or by a scheduled task as often as you configure. Results are stored to database and quickly retrieved when a product is displayed.

The plugin provides a number of settings that can be configured and a schedule task that can be enabled to refresh recommendations on scheduled basis.

Please feel free to install and test Similar Products plugin that has been developed by a individual developer and is free of charge. The code is hosted on GitHub.

Supported versions of Nopcommerce: 4.50, 4.40. Please download plugin files from github.

Important installation notes:

Microsoft.ML library relies on MICROSOFTML_RESOURCE_PATH environment variable to be set to a writable directory that application has access to. Otherwise the plugin will throw exception. This variable can be set from web.config:

<aspNetCore ... > <environmentVariables> <environmentVariable name="MICROSOFTML_RESOURCE_PATH" value="[PATH_TO_WRITABLE_DIRECTORY]" /> </environmentVariables> </aspNetCore>

Please find other notes in Notes.txt.

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mumsateesh 7/23/2022 2:12 PM
Got error while uploading the plugin
Hi ,
Thanks for the plugin.
Below is the error I got when uploading the plugin.
Can you please  help me resolve the issue?

Version:  nop 4.50.3
No descriptor file is found. It should be in the root of the archive.

Sateesh Munagala
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A manager responded to this review
Hi Sateesh
Please join the nopcommerce_similar_products group in telegram to get assistance.
refresh 5/30/2022 7:30 AM
Similar Products for Related Products zone
Tested in 4.40 and 4.50.
Nice results.
Perfect for automatic Related Products
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