SMSA express shipping

SMSA express shipping
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Shipment and tracking plugin for SMSA express
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Supported versions: 3.90
Created: November 11,2018
Last updated: February 01,2020

SMSA Express is a market leader in the courier industry. It boasts a solid business platform through which it have provided services to tens of thousands of businesses and individuals in the Saudi market since 1994.

Use SMSA express to ship and track your products shipments. This plugin has the following features:

1-    Ship your products using SMSA express. The shipment will automatically added to your SMSA account.

2-    Tracking the shipment events from the admin side in the order details.

3-    Tracking the shipment event from the customer side in the order details.

4-    Delete/Cancel the shipment automatically once the admin delete the shipment information from the order.

5-    The plugin allows you to set SMSA integration URL, passkey, local fees and international fees.

6-    Test account exist by default.

Before using this plugin, set the following options:

1-      In SMSA plugin settings, update the passkey, local and international fees.

2-      In “Configuration->Settings->Shipping settings”, set:

a.       Shipping origin

b.       Display shipment events (customers) : To allow the customer to track the shipments events

c.        Display shipment events (store owner): To allow the admin to track the shipments events.

Steps to add shipment:

1-      Go to the order and click on the “Shipping info” tab.

2-      Click on the “Add shipment” button.

3-      Click on the Save/Save and continue button

4-      “Tracking number” field will have the tracking number automatically.

5-      Once the shipment is shipped by SMSA, the admin should click on “Set as shipped”.

6-      After step 5, the customer now see the shipment events.

Steps to cancel a shipment:

1-      Go to the order and click on the “Shipping info” tab.

2-      Click View on the shipment record.

3-      Click on Delete button. The shipment will be canceled automatically from SAMSA.

[email protected] 3/28/2019 8:28 PM
I tested the plugin and working fine with ver 3.9
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